I joined my first full time product design role on January 4 this year. It has been bit of a longer journey then I thought, partly because I switched from physics major, lacked industry experience, the world amidst pandemic and many more. However, It worked out just okay for me…

Would you prefer sitting on a chair for two hours watching beautiful keynote presentation by designers or engaging in activities, actively participating building together in teams?

For our professional product design : Anesthesia machine 2032 presentation, we decided to abandon the traditional approach to present research findings to the client…

Usability lecture

This week we had lectures on classic usability methods. Some user interview methods like observation, interview, questionnaire, cultural probe. I would not go much deep into it. In short, we need to ask few things before designing: Who? What? How? Goals? Context?

The assignment was to design a free coffee…

Shib S. Sahoo

Product Designer and Researcher, Oslo, Norway

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